Characterizing and understanding the future climate evolution. Session dedicated to the future projections including climate extremes

Conveners: Fatima Driouech (University Mohammed VI Polytechnic, Benguerir, Morocco) , Georgios Zittis (The Cyprus Institute,Nicosia,Cyprus)

Most global and regional projections identify the Mediterranean as a climate change hot-spot. Future climate trends are mostly characterized by a combined warming and drying signal. While temperature projections are found to be quite robust, this is not always the case for precipitation. Recent developments in climate modeling, such as increased resolution and complexity of global and regional models, are expected to increase the quality and robustness of future projections. This session will include contributions on assessment and understanding of future extreme events of high-impact, such as extreme precipitation, heat waves or droughts. We further welcome studies considering large multi- model ensembles (e.g. CMIP, CORDEX) , the role of aerosols in climate projections, convection-permitting climate simulations, coupled regional simulations and air-sea or land-atmosphere interactions.