MedCLIVAR 2022 will be the sixth of the series organized by MedCLIVAR, following MedCLIVAR 2011 (Lecce, Italy), MedCLIVAR 2012 (Madrid, Spain), MedCLIVAR 2014 (Ankara, Turkey), MedCLIVAR 2016 (Athens, Greece), MedCLIVAR 2018 (Belgrade, Serbia).

This conference will include all traditional MedCLIVAR topics and offer to researchers the opportunity to address open questions on the climate of the Mediterranean region, to present results, tools and methods for better understanding its complexity. A special focus will be on the effects of climate change that are already threatening human societies and ecosystems. The Mediterranean region is particularly exposed and advances are needed for their understanding at regional-local-urban scales. The conference will bring together scientists from the whole range of disciplines involved in the MedCLIVAR community, in order to assess, through observation and modelling, climate change in the Mediterranean region and risks for terrestrial and marine biodiversity, food production, water resources, touristic activities, health development and migration processes.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has forced to suspend the organization of the 6th MedCLIVAR Conference, originally planned in October 2020. MedCLIVAR remains committed to promote the discussion of the ongoing research and communication among researchers who study the climate of the Mediterranean region and the 6th MedCLIVAR Conference now planned to be held in October 2022.