1. docsObserving and understanding the processes relevant for the Mediterranean climate system, including new approaches in theory and observations
    Conveners: Ileana Bladé (University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain) , Katrin Schroeder (ISMAR-CNR, Venice, Italy)

  2. docsClimate Predictions and their applications in the Mediterranean region.
    Conveners: Silvio Guadi (CMCC, Bologna, Italy) , Kristina Fröhlich (DWD, Offenbach, Germany)

  3. docsPaleo-climate at multiple time scales including the human-climate co-evolution in the recent millennia
    Conveners: Rachid Cheddadi (University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France) , Martin Finné (Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden) , Eleonora Regattieri (IGG-CNR, Pisa,Italy)

  4. docsDetection and attribution of the recent human-induced climate evolution including extremes. Session dedicated to the study of the recent past
    Conveners: Philippe Drobinski (CNRS and Ecole polytechnique, Paris, France) , Gianmaria Sannino (ENEA, Rome,Italy)

  5. docsCharacterizing and understanding the future climate evolution. Session dedicated to the future projections including climate extremes 
    Conveners: Fatima Driouech (University Mohammed VI Polytechnic, Benguerir, Morocco) , Georgios Zittis (The Cyprus Institute,Nicosia,Cyprus)

  6. docsPast, Present and Future change of Mediterranean-type climates
    Conveners: Jelena Lukovic (University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia) , Richard Seager (Columbia University, New York, USA)

  7. docsClimate change impacts and adaptation in the Mediterranean agro-food systems: challenges, options and solutions
    Conveners: Andrea Toreti (EC-JRC, Ispra, Italy) , Elena Xoplaki (Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany)

  8. docsLiving in the Mediterranean cities in the context of climate change
    Conveners: Panagiotis Nastos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece)

  9. docsMarine ecosystem, marine biodiversity and maritime activities in the Mediterranean Sea in the context of climate change
    Conveners: Alexandra Gogou (HCMR, Anavyssos, Greece, Xavier de Madron (University of Perpignan, Perpignan, France)